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From the tropical Patchouli tree, it’s a deep, sexy aroma used for centuries in perfumes. A wonderfully calming, relaxing, peaceful fragrance, it reduces tension, insomnia and anxiety, while uplifting the mind. Our patchouli is from Indonesia and guaranteed to be the best!

Egyptian Goddess

She’s sweet, sexy, seductive and soft. Smelling uniquely warm and snuggly with a delicate (yet naughty) slightly smoky aroma. With sensuality difficult to describe but hard not to notice, this Egyptian is more than a goddess.


Earthy, woodsy, smoky and slightly sweet, the sandalwood tree is an evergreen that delivers a sumptuous rich aromatic fragrance that might make you want to nap in the forest. Often described as creamy and sultry. 


It is a most beloved scent. Its intensive, “dark” aroma will bring back soothing memories that are homey and relaxing. A warm addition to your fragrance collection; did you know that vanilla is one of men’s favorite scents?      

Nautica Ocean

A clean beachy aroma. Great for everyday wear. Long lasting like all our fragrances. A nice addition to your fragrance collection!