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Fragrance Oils


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Warm your fragrance oils and they will dissipate throughout your home or office, and depending on the fragrance you choose, creating an ambience of warmth,  home or romance....

Fragrance Oil for Burning and Diffusing


Balsam Fir

The scent from this Canadian Evergreen tree fills your room with that fresh, woodsy enticing fragrance that is so evocative of the yuletide season: a freshly cut Christmas tree. Enjoy a heightened spiritual environment.


Eucalyptus has a uniquely fresh and invigorating aroma that makes it radiate warmth and vitality. Its lush, woody and green fragrance feels like a walk through a rainforest, exuding inspiration and positivity. 

Nag Champa

From the Champa flower, it possesses a rare resinous, herbal fragrance of deep spiritual value. This sweet, earthy fragrance is widely used on the altar during meditative practices to help in the exploration of the spirit. 


Earthy, woodsy, smoky and slightly sweet, the sandalwood tree is an evergreen that delivers a sumptuous rich aromatic fragrance that might make you want to nap in the forest. Often described as creamy and sultry.  


It is a most beloved scent. Its intensive, “dark” aroma will bring back soothing memories that are homey and relaxing. A warm addition to any environment; did you know that vanilla is one of men’s favorite scents? 

Dragons Blood

A scent you will never forget. Unique and beautiful. Bold and rich to fill a room will an aroma not soon to be forgotten!